Heard in the Halls - What are you most anticipating at this year's conference?


“I'm most looking forward to everything - the networking, the knowledge you gain from the breakout sessions. I'm excited to be in an atmosphere of people who are trying to fight fraud, like me." - Gogi Overhoff, CFE, CPA




“I’m most looking forward to learning how the Conference can help me integrate technology with traditional investigation techniques.” — Greg Wright, CFE, CFS, ChFC, President, ACFE Indianapolis Chapter




“Since I’m somewhat new to the profession, I’m most looking forward to seeing all the difference facets of fraud examination to help me narrow down my career choices, to see where I fit in.” — Thomas Lyman, MPA, George Washington University, ACFE Conference Scholarship winner




“I always love the training. Every year there is always something different. I’m focused on the investigative side.” — Terry Bickle, OIG, U.S. Postal Service




“I always make sure to hit the computer forensics and interviewing sessions. This year, I’m looking forward to the general breadth of information offered at the conference.” — Geoff Winkler, Grassmueck Group




"I am most excited about the breakout sessions because every year there is always something new to learn. It is always good to top off." — Annamaria Kurtovic, CFE, One Path




“I’m most looking forward to expanding my anti-fraud knowledge at this year’s conference. I teach in a program (Master’s in Fraud and Forensics), and I need to keep our students at well informed as possible. This conference does exactly that.” — Mary Anne Basilone, M.S., CFE, CPA, Chair, Accounting and Forensic Accounting Programs, Carlow University



"Networking with people in various industries and passing on knowledge while gaining new knowledge." — Daniel Tannebaum, CFE, Booz Allen Hamilton