Heard in the Halls: Best Speaker


“Stacy Keach. I enjoyed hearing about his interaction with the show and how it taught him so much about fraud.” — Jessica Storey, Oklahoma Baptist University, ACFE Conference Scholarship recipient




“Chris Mathers. He’s passionate and gave great examples to teach us about fraudsters.” — Jing Tao, CFE, Senior Internal Auditor



“Katrina Kiselinchev. She was most interesting because she really incorporated how data analytics is used to detect fraud in today’s world.” — Jenna Paul, PDR, CPA, ACFE Conference Scholarship recipient




“The best speaker I’ve heard is Stacy Keach. He presented real-life examples of frauds, from which you can learn a great deal because a big driver of fraud is greed. He also thoroughly covered the rationalization aspect of the Fraud Triangle." — Baker Kosmac-Okwir, Government of Uganda



“Gerry Zack. I love his presentation skills  — he makes it fun, enjoyable and easy to follow. It’s never dry, and every time I hear him speak, I walk away with brand-new knowledge I didn’t have.”  — Susan Medick, Automative Aftermarket Industry Association



"The best speaker I've heard is Chris Mathers. He gave great examples, and I loved hearing about the juxtaposition of his two careers - undercover police work and fraud investigation work." — Angela Wang, CFE, Senior Auditor




“Stacy Keach. He was humorous and very intellectual. His experience in anti-corruption and anti-fraud was wide in perspective.” — Alex Juliano, CFE, Phillipines Commission on Audit, Walker Award recipient