Share Your Expertise: Submit a Proposal to Speak

Many people do not realize that each year we get 100 percent of our conference concurrent speakers via proposals submitted through our online call for speakers. This is as true for the ACFE Global Fraud Conference as it is for our other regional conferences. Fundamentally we fill close to 120 speaking spots every year from the topics we receive online.

That said, we do get close to - if not more than - 500 proposals a year for those 120 spots. They come from members and non-members all over the world, and from experts in a variety of roles. We feature popular speakers from the past and introduce new speakers to our event, some even speaking for the first time.

There are no strict requirements for how the conference program is put together from these proposals but the formula for close consideration is simple: subject matter experts who are well-versed in their discipline with an advanced topic and able speak to our large group with confidence and professionalism. The last part happens on-site; the first we see in the quality of the proposal as submitted.

I encourage everyone to submit a proposal. Yes, there are disappointments in not being selected; I have had to turn away some quality topics and suggestions,  as there are a limited number of spaces to fill. But I do encourage everyone to try and contribute to the professional advancement of their peers and fellow anti-fraud professionals.

I can guarantee only one thing. If you do not submit a topic, you will most definitely not speak at the conference. How will you know if you never try? Proposals must be submitted by November 1 for the 26th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference.