Heard in the Halls: Key Takeaways

"This conference attracts a wide variety of professionals. I like getting to connect with folks I never would have encountered otherwise. It's fraud investigation across the board." — Mehrnaz Fallah, Auditing Professional


"I thought I already knew a lot about social media, but in the first hour of the session 'Incorporating the New Social Media in Fraud Examinations' I gained great material to bring back to my company. Coming here was a great investment for my company and myself." — Stephen Bradley, Ireland

"I think the ACFE has embraced the international flavor in its membership, which is very important because when you're involved in investigations, some of them may take you across borders." — Malcolm B. Reid, CFE, CPP, MBCI, CBCP, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter



"Fraud examiners often operate at the micro level — for their company or organization. To have Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen really explain how fraud happens at a macro level, someone who can explain the gravity of fraud at the state level and how it impacts every citizen, that was really powerful." — Tyson Johnson, CFE, VP of Business Development, BrightPlanet


"Coming out from John Christly's session, I feel like a whole new investigator with more IT tools in my toolbox. I know more about technology that I can use (which is free) in my work and also share my learning with my IT department." — Alishah Janmohamed, CFE, CA, CICA, Manager, Internal Audit

"I attended the session about the Affordable Care Act this morning and it was interesting to see how fraud can be applied to activity at the government level." — Brett A. Johnson, CFE, CPA, CFF, CFI, Forensic Accounting Manager, EideBailly


"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wells and that just made my whole day. It is so nice to connect with professionals and take advantage of all of these wonderful opportunities." — Lindsay Moder, Florida Atlantic Graduate, ACFE Conference Scholarship Recipient