ACFE Annual Conference Career Connection Resources: Why You Should Take Advantage of Onsite Experts

One of the most valuable offerings for Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference attendees is access to the onsite career strategists as well as employer representatives in the Career Connection. These professionals have decades of experience understanding what hiring managers are looking for in candidates to fill open positions and provide onsite personal consultations for conference attendees in several key areas: cover letter and résumé reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, interview tips, professional brand development, and ways to promote expertise through social media.

For example, two short presentations I will be delivering on the Career Connection stage in the Exhibit Hall this year have a focus on social media for developing a solid career strategy and for job searches:

·         Sharpen Your Career Strategy with Tools and LinkedIn — I’ll show attendees how to get around the website and how to determine job trends in some professions, where employers are hiring, and how competitive the job market is in areas around the country. I’ll also show attendees how to prioritize the different areas of LinkedIn for better visibility.

·         Social Media for Job Searches: Less is More — Attendees will learn which social media sites hiring managers frequent (and why), and how not to spread themselves too thin to avoid diluting their professional brand, visibility, and expertise.

There’s also another audience for the services of the Career Connection besides job seekers: hiring managers. Companies are placing hiring managers under increasing pressure to do a better job of finding and hiring quality candidates. Besides providing individual cover letter and résumé evaluations for attendees, I’ll also be helping hiring managers create strategies for identifying those candidates who go beyond being just an employee, but who can contribute to the higher strategic objectives of the organization outside of everyday “duties and responsibilities.”

If you have a job- or career-related question, stop by the Career Connection booth where you’ll likely find one of the experts available to answer it and provide any suggestions to help you sharpen your career strategy. Or schedule a session in advance to reserve your spot. See you in Baltimore!

Donn LeVie Jr. has more than 25 years in various hiring manager positions for companies in oil and gas exploration, software development, and microprocessor design. He was an adjunct faculty lecturer with the University of Houston Department of Mathematics and Natural Science. Donn is the author of Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 (Second Edition) which was the Winner of the 2012 International Book Award for Jobs/Careers and Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award for Careers. Donn’s new books, The Art of the Unfair Advantage: Make Yourself the Hiring Manager’s Candidate of Choice for ANY Job in ANY Economy and The Valueocity Factor: Turbo Charge Your Career Strategy for Inside and Outside the Organization in ANY Economy will be available later this year. Donn has been a career strategist and presenter at the Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference since 2009.