Heard in the Halls: Highlights and Insights from Pre-Conference Sessions

"The Bitcoin session deals with a lot of these really interesting alternative currencies that we as agents can use to help on terrorism cases where money laundering or the illicit transfer of wealth could impact the Navy and the nation." — David Salazar, Special Agent, NCIS

"Being my first time at the conference, I'm excited for the opportunity to be here, to network with folks in different areas of fraud, and share experiences and ideas." — Todd Graham, Investigator, Beacon Mutual Insurance Company


"I think it's important that people take a new perspective on how to examine fraud. Fraud is becoming more sophisticated, so you need more sophisticated tools to combat it." — Amy Walraven, Turnkey Risk Solutions, LLC

"I've learned key concepts that are important when dealing with data analytics. The session showed trends that are practical to the industry, what's being done now and what can be done in the future." — Eric-Christopher Desnoyers, First Deputy Inspector General of the City of Montreal

"I came to this conference because I want to learn about current trends in the industry and to hear what others in the industry have to say." — Sarah Meth, Senior Associate, KPMG