Heard in the Halls: Diverse Sessions Provide a Wealth of Knowledge

"I'm looking forward to this session on body language because all of the other sessions I'm going to are very textbook, but this session I don't think you can learn from a textbook. I think you really need to hear from someone who has that experience and exposure to it. So I'm really excited to be able to learn firsthand from someone who can read body language, who can tell you what those red flags are and what certain signals mean." — Patti Buck-Torrey, CFE, Manager of Internal Controls, FedEx Ground

"My company provides data analysis for banks, identifying suspicious activity. So one of the things I'm really interested in, being my first time at the conference, is learning about big data and big data analysis and how it can fit into my world. I'm looking forward to learning more." — Christopher Tuttle, CFE, Fraud & Compliance Solutions

"I'm the president of the Arizona Chapter and I think the ACFE does a totally top-notch experience for its members. This is my third year in a row and you never fail to wow us with the outstanding things you do to make us feel special — I find that very refreshing for us who fight the good fight. It's a thankless job, but you make us feel like we're valued and that's important because how would we do it every day otherwise?" — Patty Huling, CFE, CLEA, CPPB, Law Enforcement Auditor, MCSO Sheriff's Office

"The diversity of professionals is great. I'm a compliance professional so knowing that there are auditors here, other compliance professionals and fraud examiners brings a whole host of people together that have different knowledge bases. We can compare and contrast what our roles are in our organizations and then use that knowledge to work better together." — Shannon Joens, CFE, Compliance Consultant, Target

"The session I just attended was the one I was particularly interested in on identity theft. I work for a private bank and 95 percent of the clients that we deal with we receive requests from them through email or fax and there has been an increasing level of fraud with emails that look completely legitimate coming from our clients. But their email addresses are maybe one character off or in some cases are their compromised emails. The session was really informative and gave web addresses that I can use with my clients to show them different ways to protect their information and how to use multi-layer security." — Christina Pergolizzi, Client Service Supervisor, First Republic Bank