Heard in the Halls: The Must-Attend Event of the Year

"I'm deeply involved in the data analytics aspect of our internal audit function, so coming here I'm learning ways I can develop our data analytics program from an audit perspective and a fraud perspective. Ways we can best utilize what we already know, how we can best train others on how to go out into the field and apply a lot of these techniques." — Joseph Gause, Lead Auditor, GM Financial

"My favorite session thus far was the Educator Panel. I'm currently developing an anti-fraud program at St. Johns University, and what I learned in the panel with respect to the development, marketing and assessment of a fraud education program or curriculum will be directly applicable to work I'm doing in my university right now." — Chelsea Binns, Ph.D., CFE, PI, Assistant Professor, St. Johns University

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity to attend the conference. It's given me a great insight into the anti-fraud career paths that are available to me once I graduate from school next year. I'm excited to join such a special group of people who are fighting crime and fraud within different aspects of society." — Patrick Dillon, Student Volunteer, Cal Poly SLO


"I thought David Barboza was amazing. I thought his slides were great. It was very interactive and I loved his sense of humor. I just liked the way he presented. And it's so relevant to what we do, because if you're asking someone questions and they possibly committed a fraud, you have a lot more pointers to go with. I learned a lot." — James Gallagher, CFE


"I liked Steve van Aperen this morning in terms of how body posture, your facial expressions, etc. can be so indicative of whether someone is feeling comfortable in the situation, or if they're telling the truth or lying to you. I'm looking forward to using that if I participate in any investigations moving forward." — Miguel Marcelle, CFE, CFA, CPA, Vice President — Internal Audit, AB (Formerly AllianceBernstein)

"As the top Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship winner, I'm here to broaden my knowledge and use what I'm learning in different sessions to help guide me on my career path." — Rachel Stephensen, Student, UNLV