OSC Director of Enforcement Jeff Kehoe Stresses Transparency in Regulation

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Director of Enforcement for the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Jeff Kehoe has recently commented on the aftermath of a short-selling scandal involving Home Capital Group. In response to criticism that OSC had not handled warnings properly, Kehoe told BNN in an interview, "There’s always criticism of the regulators when they’re in the middle of a matter and I think the proof is in the pudding, that what we saw is a successful resolution of the matter."

Kehoe told BNN that although openness can afford more opportunities to draw criticism from the public, he wants that to remain. "It’s unfortunate but it’s a reality because we’re very transparent about what we do. And we take our matters seriously in terms of keeping that transparency open," he said. "We always look back and we’ll do a post-mortem in terms of, ‘Could we have done anything better?’ But at the same time we have a process and we followed that process really carefully.”

Kehoe, who is an amateur stunt pilot, has a varied career background, which colleagues told The Financial Post makes him a uniquely good fit in his role. He joined the OSC in 2016 after working in both the public and private sectors. He is a veteran in the regulatory investment space and has roots in criminal prosecution. He will be addressing attendees at the largest anti-fraud conference in Toronto, Canada, Oct. 29-Nov. 1 at the 2017 ACFE Global Fraud Conference Canada. Find more information at FraudConference.com/Canada.