Heard in the Halls: Diverse Skills Create Networking and Career Opportunities


"We're here to meet all of the speakers and attendees, find out what they're working on in the investigations world. We want to get to know them a little bit better and help them advance their careers in the investigations space." — Stephanie Campbell, SI Placement



"Our firm is looking to grow and expand our forensic accounting department, so I'm looking to learn how we can develop our program and reach out to other companies to make connections." — Robert Valker, CFE, CRCP, Capital Forensics, Inc.



"I'm the only one from my office here, and I'm the only CFE in my office. They saw the schedule of speakers, so they're fascinated to see what I bring back. So being here isn't just for me personally, it's for my colleagues as well." — Jacquelyn Lack, CFE, U.S. Attorney's Office


"I have taken a lot of bad financial crime training where I've gone and spent three days or a whole week and it wasn't great. But the things I've heard about the ACFE are second to none. The financial crime training is fantastic. So that is really what I'm looking forward to. After several years of doing this and taking a lot of not great financial crime training, I'm looking forward to getting what everybody I hear in the industry says is the best training out there." — Jason Zirkle, CAMS, Texas Department of Public Safety

"Even though I trust, I always verify facts and that makes me a very good fraud fighter in my organization." — Nnennaya C. Anyaebosi, CFE, CPA, CIA, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority



"I've been a member of the ACFE for a few years now, so I'm pretty excited to see how we can capitalize and utilize the ACFE connections and events. This is my first ACFE event, so I'm looking forward to taking advantage of everything." — Michael Bramann, CFE, Capital Forensics, Inc.