Executive Director of Europol, Investigative Journalist and a Convicted Fraudster to Speak in Las Vegas

Rob Wainwright, Executive Director of Europol, will join Clare Rewcastle Brown, the investigative journalist who exposed 1MDB, convicted fraudster* Ryan Homa and others as speakers at the 29th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Las Vegas June 17-22.


Rob Wainwright is the Executive Director of Europol and has led the transformation of the agency into a world-class security institution. Today Europol is the primary intelligence-sharing and operational coordination center in Europe, connecting over 1,000 law enforcement agencies and supporting almost 50,000 cross-border investigations each year against transnational threats from crime and terrorism. Under Wainwright’s leadership, Europol has pioneered the use of data and technology in new ways to better identify and respond to cross-border criminal and terrorist activity, developing transformational systems and networks that have significantly enhanced Europol’s information reach and operational impact. Europol now carries the reputation of being a major innovator in the global security community.

"Organizations such as Europol have purposely been created to provide analytical as well as expert and financial support to bring investigators together, to pool knowledge and to work together to achieve common objectives," said Wainwright, in an interview with Fraud Magazine. "We are not an aloof entity. We are here for you."



With more than a decade of investigative journalistic experience under her belt, Clare Rewcastle Brown set out to report on deforestation in the Sarawak region of Malaysia only to uncover a much larger international corruption scandal. She founded the Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak in 2010 to report on the disappearance of billions of dollars earmarked for the 1MDB development fund. Due to her accusations that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, his family and close associates had embezzled a large portion of the missing money, she faced death threats, arrest warrants and was the target of organized smear campaigns. Despite opposition, she continues to report on corruption tied to 1MDB.

Convicted fraudster Ryan Homa stole nearly $1.3 million from his employer over the course of more than three years. He will discuss the business environment, his crimes and how his theft could have been thwarted.

This conference is an important event for all anti-fraud professionals to power up their careers. Find more information and register here.

*The ACFE does not compensate convicted fraudsters.