Counter Espionage Expert, Former FinCEN Director and Others to Speak at Largest Gathering of Anti-Fraud Professionals This June

Former Director of FinCEN Jennifer Shasky Calvery, investigative journalist Andrew Jennings, former FBI agent Eric O’Neill and other experts will address more than 3,000 anti-fraud professionals gathering for the 28th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Nashville, June 18-23.

O’Neill entered the world of investigation in a unique way when the FBI asked him to spy on his colleague Robert Hanssen, who they believed was a traitor. Thanks to O’Neill’s diligence, patience and bravery, the FBI was able to capture and convict Hanssen of 15 counts of espionage and closed the book on what the Department of Justice called “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in U.S. history.” O’Neill will discuss cyber espionage with attendees and told Fraud Magazine, “I will use elements of the Hanssen investigation as a framework and also to tell an entertaining story. The audience will understand why I say that there are no hackers; there are only spies.”

Shasky Calvery will address attendees on current issues in money laundering and corruption along with cases she worked on during her time at FinCEN. Now the Global Head of Financial Crime Threat Mitigation of HSBC, she told Fraud Magazine, “We are all here, working in this industry, because we care about preserving the integrity of the financial system. We all share a common goal and have a collective impact when we are all pulling in the same direction, and I’m glad we can work together. In doing so, we can and do make a difference.”

After cutting his journalistic teeth at the BBC, Jennings made a name for himself by investigating the International Olympic Committee and exposing the corruption in FIFA. He told Fraud Magazine, “The only advice I have for fraud examiners, but it’s important advice, is this: If you know, hang on in there; you will catch them eventually.”

Eugene Soltes, professor and author of Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal, will also speak.

The conference is the world’s largest gathering of fraud fighters and will feature more than 70 breakout sessions presented by top experts in the anti-fraud field. This year will boast several new benefits for attendees including sessions delving into new case studies, a women’s networking reception and Myers-Briggs tests and analysis in the Exhibit Hall. Sessions will cover topics from case studies of fraud in NASA to battling ransomware and attacks from the Dark Web.

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