Cliff Lansley Added to ACFE Global Fraud Conference Keynote Speaker Lineup

Cliff Lansley, CEO of the Emotional Intelligence Academy, has officially been added as a keynote speaker at the 28th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in Nashville, June 18-23.

Lansley is a psychologist and head of the real-life 'Lie to Me - Lightman Group,' which is part of the Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA) Group. The EIA Group's international team works with a range of military, intelligence, security, commercial, fraud and police agencies in the fight against terrorists and fraudsters.

Lansley is also Managing Director of Paul Ekman International plc (PEI). PEI specializes in using reliable science in developing and delivering programs in emotional awareness and deception. He was featured as the Behavioral Analyst Expert for ITV’s documentary "Lying Game – Crimes that Fooled Britain" and also with the BBC and Discovery. He's worked with police, security and other personnel from military, airport, intelligence and commercial sector organizations in more than 20 countries across all continents. 

"If someone learns the emotional intelligence skills on how to control and manage their emotions, it can be a tougher interview for someone who's interested in truth and lies," says Lansley in a video interview with the ACFE. "But because we're dealing usually with subconscious behavior, often within less than half a second of a question, it's virtually impossible for people to manage all six communication channels. And if they're lying, it will leak through one or more of the channels."

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